Elementale Royale is a round-based strategy battle game about quick wit, fast reaction and clever planning. Use the four classical elements on both offense and defense to damage your opponent while keeping yourself protected. But be careful - you only get to use each element once per round, and you have to balance attacking and blocking while keeping track of the field to not get countered! 

Find a friend to 1v1 and see who is the best elementalist!

This game was made in 24 hours for UCSD's Fall 2019 Game Jam under the theme: Elemental


  • Element buttons are Q, W, E and R for player 1 and O, P, [ and ] for player 2
  • You can toggle Defense Mode with V for player 1 and COMMA for player 2
  • You can toggle music and sound with Z and X respectively
  • For the standalone version, you can hit ESC to exit the game


  • Each player has access to 4 elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth
  • A player can only use each element once per round
  • Pressing an element key on its own will launch an attack of that element
  • If you hold down the defense button before pressing an element key, you will instead create a barrier made of the element
  • You can only have one shield and one attack out at any given time
  • Elemental attacks interact with both your enemy's and your own shields:
    • Your current shield can combo/modify your attack
    • Your opponent's shield can block, or have other effects with your attack
    • See table below for a list of current interactions
  • Defeat the other player to win!

Attack - Defense Interactions

Col(Shield) / Row(Atk)Fire
Attack passes through and hits defenderBlocks attack, but shield is brokenAttack passes through and hits defenderBlocks attack
Blocks attack, but shield is brokenShield is broken and attack passes throughReflects the attack back to attackerBlocks attack
Shield breaks and adds a burn effect to attackBlocks attackShield is broken and attack passes throughBlocks attack
Shield breaks and adds a burn effect to attackBlocks  attack, but shield is brokenReflects the attack back to attackerShield is broken and attack passes through

Shield + Attack Combos

Your current active shield will modify your attacks in the following ways:

Fire Shield: Lights attack on fire which will cause burning damage to the enemy
However, using a water attack will break your shield, but double the damage of the water attack!

Water ShieldDoubles the impact damage of an attack

Air Shield: Doubles the speed of the attack

Earth Shield: No modifier
However, using an attack with an Earth shield up will break your shield!


Elementale Royale.zip 29 MB
ElementaleRoyaleMac.zip 28 MB

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